Nostalgia Soy Candle Tin - Warm Amber & Vanilla

Nostalgia Soy Candle Tin - Warm Amber & Vanilla

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NOSTALGIA, a scent you know. Amber and vanilla blend together to create a distinct scent from the past. The holidays are all about those romantic notions of yesteryear, the holidays of our childhood. This scent will help you get there.

This candle is part of our Holiday 2016 line WARMTH. Each scent has distinctly Fall / Winter vibes and is contained in beautiful 8 oz golden tins with unique patterned wraps. Limited Edition.

8 oz • 40 hr burn time

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What makes Handmade Habitat soy candles so special?

  • They have a longer burn time than traditional paraffin wax candles
  • They are non-toxic
  • Soy is a natural wax, biodegradable & our soy wax is produced in the USA
  • We make them with all natural fragrance oils and essential oils, which make them better for your health + indoor air quality
  • Each of our candles is embedded with a lead-free wick made of cotton and recycled materials
  • Our candles are vegan friendly

Handmade Habitat products are made with 100% all natural materials. Read here for details about our materials and sustainable practices.