December Candle Subscription

This month find a sweet little package on your doorstep. We've sent out a little vanilla candle and rose sachet in our December Candle Subscription. Our sweet Emma vanilla candle is perfect for the season, especially if you're not such a good baker yourself. Fill your home with this sweet sugary scent and make your linens just as lovely with the little rose sachet. 

People continually ask me what the significance is of the book pages on the candles. I find that each scent has a different story it's telling, or that each story has a different scent that it pairs well with. Jane Austen described Emma as a heroine only she could like. As a big watcher of Clueless growing up, I can see why. Her intentions are so good. She means to be so sweet even if her naiveté wins out in the end. Vanilla sometime is seen as an immature scent - a boring choice. I tend to find that it's simplicity is underrated, as this Austen book whose story and characters always bring me joy in their absurdities. If you are like me and have only seen Clueless, go read the original version [aka book] and enjoy this candle while doing so. It's a great way to spend your pre-holiday days. 

Get your own candle subscription right here in the shop -- or give it to someone this holiday season - it's truly the gift that keeps on giving!