Homegrown Tourism

Last week I got to play tourist in my home city. I spend a good amount of time in DC but I hadn't ventured down to DC's tourist Mecca in a while. Finding myself by the [National] Mall on a Wednesday evening when the world of color coordinated walking busses had mostly cleared out for the day, Mr. Handmade Habitat and I paid a visit to good ol' Babe Lincoln who apparently rides a pretty rockin motorcycle. 


We found our way to his backside - one of DC's coolest spots - and laid around before the skies opened up on us. 

Living in this area, I never really think about the politics that the world associates with this place. It just happens to be the place I've always lived, and even though B Obama's security team might wreck your Ben's Chili Bowl visit for the afternoon - none of that world really reaches the little craftsy DC cocoon that I live in. What I love about DC is that it's such a unique and diverse place with all kinds of people with all kinds of worldly perspectives, yet it maintains its independent identity that all these people come together to create. It's actually rare to find people who have lived in DC or even the area for their whole lives- it's like a city of nomads and migrants who come for the jobs but quit for the crafts. <3