Leather on Leather for Stitch & Rivet

One of the best parts about what I do is all the awesome people I get to meet and collaborate with. I met the crafty and amazing Katie Stack a few years ago at a market. She's kind of like my crafty mentor - I run all ideas by her and personally own A LOT of her handmade leather goods (i.e. multiple wallets, card holders, keychains, etc.). You may know her work as Catherinette Leather Works, but in the past year, she's transitioned to a real studio and retail space in DC that she's christened Stitch & Rivet

For her new little leather shop in the heart of the Brookland neighbhorhood's Monroe Street Market Arts Walk, Katie wanted me to make her some leather candles. Why? Because the first thing people say when they walk in is "OMG IT SMELLS LIKE LEATHER HERE!" It is a leather shop, after all. Now you can take that scent home with you in the form of a leather scented candle. It's masculine and amazing and guaranteed to get you laid, fellas. We wrapped the little tins in strips of leather, hand stamped with my biz deets (i.e. the name) and they're good to go! Alright leather lovers, go get em! You'll also find an old teakwood scent and a driftwood - all custom made just for Katie. You won't be able to find these babies anywhere else.