Calm Moments

It's official - I'm back from a long stressful year of wedding prep and very stress free week of honeymooning! I'm so excited to dive back in head first into working: prepping for upcoming markets, restocking old stores (and adding some new ones to my stockists rolodex) as well as adding a few new products just in time for the holidays! I'm working on a few cool holiday projects that I can't WAIT to share! 

My husband (Mr Handmade Habitat as he is now OFFICIALLY named) says I'm not good at relaxing, but you know YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU'RE DEAD -- or in Jamaica for the only time in your life. Now I'm back though and going to make A MILLION solid perfumes!!! 

See you this Saturday at Art on the Avenue in Del Ray and Sunday in Takoma Park for the Street Fest - two beautiful little neighborhood festivals in case you need food, music and art in your life. It's looking to be a glorious weekend!