2015 is for Self Care

It goes without saying that something that comes with running your own business is working a lot. For me that usually means long days, long nights and always feeling like something could be getting done. I felt so burnt out by the end of 2014 that I've decided that 2015 cannot look anything like 2014 did. In this spirit, and with the help of my favorite podcast, Pop Fashion, I'm making an effort to dedicate some time to self care this 2015. 

Working a lot last year often meant days without showering (I even went a full week without realizing it in 2013), out of control hair that's usually thrown into a braid (or whipped up into a bun if it was so far beyond tangled) and a pile of laundry that cascades out of the basket and on top of anything in my bedroom.

Part of the reason 2014 was also so hectic was because I got married in September, which is right before the busiest time of year kicks off. August - December was nonstop except for the week that Brad and I spent in Jamaica on our honeymoon. As soon as we landed, we found our way to the beach and pool every day and literally did nothing besides read, eat and try to pet all the resident resort cats. 

Since my holiday season and then non-stop holidays have ended I've found myself glued to my couch, perpetually in leggings and sweaters, toting around cups of tea and doing as much Harry Potter and Netflix binging as humanly possible. It's been a massive life detox and truly enjoyable, but I figure that if I dedicate just a little time to self care throughout the year - taking real days off, doing nothing every once in a while, going to yoga class and taking better care of my body - then January won't be so intense. I've felt so unmotivated to do anything other than read and type, and this is just not great for my overall wellbeing. 

So in the spirit of self care and treating yourself, I'm spending this lazy month enjoying the products that I create. One of them is this rosewater toner that also contains the elixir of life, JK, I mean witch hazel. On any given day you can find me soaking up one of my candles (I'm on a grapefruit kick right now) and dreaming of the day that everything gets easier

Unfortunately though, that day will probably never come, so for me, 2015 is going to be all about enjoying the little luxuries in a hectic life to stay sane.