October Candle Subscription: Fall Vibes

October came with a sudden force this week for those of us in the DC area. We went from AC in September to heat in October in one short, consistently rainy week. As a professional candle maker, I do revel in the rainy weather though. (It's perfect candle burning weather!) It has been suggested to me more than once that I should move to Cascadia. In fact, Mr. HH and I are taking a trip out to Seattle in a few short weeks to scope out the scene and visit an awesome cousin. We may not be back ;)

This week has been filled with dark days, tea by the gallon and Pride and Prejudice marathons while we restock our inventory post-Crafty Bastards. In the midst of rain and impeding hurricane threats, this month's subscription just felt right for the moment - a pomegranate Pride and Prejudice soy candle and a pair of literary matchboxes. (Check the back of the package to see what book the pages are from!) Pomegranates are in season now, and this weekend is the perfect one to snuggle up with a good book. Let this candle be right by your side as you batten down the hatches and take a mini hibernation for the weekend.

Stay warm, friends.

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P.S. Thanks to everyone who entered our Candle Subscription giveaway! We announced the winner earlier today. Stay tuned for more giveaways this calendar year!