November Candle Subscription: Gather for Warmth


An oddly ironic beginning to this month with this month's subscription - it is as warm as late Spring here in DC this week. I'm torn because it feels like the last surprise bit of warmth before the doldrums of Winter, but I do love me some Fall weather. It can be so cozy and fresh and exciting with the falling leaves and crisp wind in the air.

This month's subscription is an old favorite for me though - Cinnamon Orange Clove with a pair of Warmth matchbooks. It makes a perfect hosting gift (Thanksgiving is right around the corner!) and it is a perfect Gathering scent for the coming season. This special little mason jar was made just for subscribers, so if you'd like one for yerself, go ahead and subscribe here! Cinnamon Orange Clove will be available in different scents and containers later this month so stay tuned!

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