December Candle Subscriptions: Nostalgia Warms the Soul

We have been living in a mass DAZE this month! So sorry for the delay on this post, but here is what our December Candle Subscribers got this month (of which have doubled since Thanksgiving!) If you unwrap one of your own under the tree this Friday, be sure to 'gram it, tagging it #HHCandleSubscription and of course all the gift wrap because WE LOVE GIFT WRAP!! :)


We did something special this month just for our subscribers that we love: a NOSTALGIA candle in a little custom tin because this is the time of year that all I want to do is snuggle up under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of tea watching The Grinch over and over and over again. Mr HH's favorite nostalgic Christmas movie is A Muppets Christmas Carroll so a few years ago when we spotted the real book version of the tale, we had to scoop it up for all the good holiday vibes. We are a nostalgic pair (probably also something to do with the fact that we are high school sweethearts) and this time of year is perfect for that. Nostalgia in June is just off-putting. ;)

Aside from the ambitious market schedule, online orders and candle subscriptions that I was tripping over myself to do this month, Mr HH and I also moved mid-December which is definitely the. worst. time. to ever move (especially for me). It's officially been eight days that we've been settled into our new apartment. The plants are all in place and Rosie has finally calmed down from the chaos. Now, all there is left to do as we near the holiday season finish line is snuggle up together and watch all the best movies. I hope you all get to do the same too.