Side Gig: the Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring

One of my favorite projects of this year has been the Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring. My designer friend Christy (that's her lettering below) and I started it shortly after we started hanging out (she was designing my logo at the time and we were doing lots of long lunch meetings around town). During one of the final lunch meetings before my logo was finished, we decided that we both really wanted to do more lettering for fun. By the time we could blink twice, we had started a very unofficial society and had outgrown the small coffee shop we started meeting in on a monthly basis. We started moving around to bigger venues to fit the dozen or so members that would join us to hand letter each month. 

This month we're meeting at a brewery in Silver Spring - Denizen's - where we can letter AND drink. Life really doesn't get better. This past Saturday we held a lettering session at Fenton Street Market to spread the word about our little society. We had postcards out for people to letter and decorate, which is what you see above. My favorite one was done by a girl still in the single digits somewhere - a girl and an ice cream cone. 

If you're local, come join us! We love meeting more people and exploring this little art together. This month's theme is road trips! Because it's summer and I'm tryna go somewheree. See you there???


The Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring

Next Session: Tuesday, June 9 | 7-9pm | Denizen's Brewing Co | Tickets