July Candle Subscriptions: Two is Better than One

July is here; the fourth (my favorite holiday) has passed and we're stuck here in a whirl of summer storms that - to my personal delight - won't quit.

A little about me that you may have guessed - I am a candle person. I'm at my best on a rainy day surrounded by my candles, drinking tea and getting shit done. Not sure why, but that's when I'm most productive and most in my element. 

Sometimes one candle just isn't enough, especially on rainy days so this month's subscription is all about the duo - two is better than one. Two scents that complement each other; two scents that go hand in hand; two scents that you'd want to burn together for the full summer storm effect: mellow matcha + french love. 

The four-ounce candle jars that came in this month's subscription are two of the four in our new Mantra Candle Jar Set containing four four-ounce candles - one of each of our Mantra line scents. Check under the lid for a quote to go with the mantra for each scent. 

I know this summer hasn't been so kind to our friends across the country, but hopefully these little ones will bring some of the vibes we're getting here in DC. A little love from the Capital City for all because you know, #LoveWins here. ;)

July Candle Subscription: 4 oz Mellow Matcha Soy Candle + 4 oz French Love Soy Candle + Set of DC Flag Matchbooks