January Candle Subscription: Presence in the New Year

"Look past your thoughts so you may enjoy the pure nectar of this moment." - Rumi

Time is such a human-created construct that the concept of the New Year adrenaline rush and consequent resolution season is a little comical when you think about it. In the long run, there is nothing inherently different about Jan 01 from Dec 31 except for how we perceive it. That being said, I do usually set goals for the year ahead. Time is such a great way to mark our progress through life. I'm not usually one to embark on the mission of dropping a million pounds or eating better because those will-power based resolutions don't usually work for me and are wrong to set, according to NPR. I do have a goal for this year though:


To be Present,
Be Intentional
and have Control
in and over my One Life

2015 was a roller coaster of a year for me and a lot of people I know. This year I have set off freeing myself of the negativity and the things I don't want to do, and I am determined to keep my time for my own self and my own goals. 2016 is about doing what I love, which is making candles for you, and really making a go of this business. I don't have any other job; I don't have any other life plan. This is it and I'm excited to take this journey.

This is my wish for you this year too: to enjoy your life and to be present in the moment. The Morning Mint mantra soy candle that is on its way to our subscribers right now is the perfect catalyst. It's mantra is "Clear Mind" and it's fresh sharpness will help you think a little clearer as you embark on your own journey for 2016. Accompanying it are our favorite palo santo sticks to rid your spaces of bad energy.

So yes, today is just another day, but let's start fresh and have all the things we really want this year.

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