December Candle Subscription: Nostalgia

It's the holiday season! This is the craziest time of year in the world of running a small business. Right now I'm staring down 60 candles that need to be packed up, another 66 that need to be poured today, and so much more that needs to go out the door this week and be ready for weekend markets. Crazy. A good crafty friend of mine said recently that we make the holidays happen for other people, which is more than true. But as I work away in my own version of Santa's workshop, I find myself reminiscing about Christmases of the past: watching The Grinch every single day until Christmas all December; waking up on Christmas morning to the scent of banana bread wafting through the house; taking long car rides and looking for all the lit up houses; that year my dad insisted we were Muslim and not putting up a Christmas tree, but then he surprised us all and brought home a real giant one anyway. So many memories.

Being in a multicultural family is the best around the holidays. Why? A- in my family, we celebrate all the holidays. All the Muslim ones, all the gifty fun other ones. B- being married into a family that looks nothing like mine means I also get a whole different set of traditions, like a crazy amazing breakfast buffet on Christmas morning. C- There is also usually Pakistani comfort food for dinner. Winning all around. 

I think I love the holidays so much because I love being cozy. Give me blankets / tea / candles / old movies to watch over and over again and I'm the happiest person on Earth. I'm a nester by nature and it's really difficult for me to kick into crazy work mode now when all I want is to be snuggled up with my pup watching Sleepless in Seattle on repeat. 

As I get older though, I find myself becoming determined to have my own traditions in my own apartment with my own husband and my own dog. So, as we are in the market for new traditions, what are your favorite ones? I'm looking for good ideas to steal. ;)

This month's Candle Subscription will help you bask in all the feels this month. Our Nostalgia warm amber and vanilla soy candle and set of Warmth matchbooks will give you all the warm fuzzies you want this time of year, and remind you that the past is not so far away. In fact, it might live in all of us all the time. Magically. 

Happy Holidays, friends. Enjoy the season.

P.S. Our Candle Subscription was featured as a great gift in the Washington City Paper this month! Why? It keeps on giving. Send a subscription today and let those special folk know that you're thinking of them even after the holidays have passed.