March Candle Subscription: Soothing Transitions

March has come in with a full force of unsettledness. Here in DC every day is a completely different season. Today it's late Spring / early Summer. Tomorrow it'll be back to early Spring (as it should be), and this weekend, we're looking at super warm Spring weather again. While we're soaking up the sun after such a long Winter as much as possible, all this sudden and unexpected change can be stressful. I never feel like my outfit is quite right for the day and I'm already stressing about how hot July will be if March is 75+. 

So to help you deal with this Lion to Lamb transition, we're sending out a soothing lavender soy candle this month along with a pair of botanical matchbooks. If you're a seasonal subscriber, you'll also receive a Savasana perfume balm to help ease your way through the madness. 


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