The Stock Up Sale

We've got a little bit of a sad announcement. To make room for new products and collaborations we are working on, this month will be the last to purchase our Literary Candle Tins and Solid Perfumes. We'll be ending the product lines at the end of March to make room for new and exciting Spring goods. At the beginning of April, we'll also be increasing our prices a bit in order to compensate for some increased costs we've been seeing on our end. It's not the funnest change, but we're doing all that we can to keep things as clean and green as possible for you. We are committed to providing healthy, eco-friendly scented soy candles that can create perfectly pleasant moods at home as well as be non-toxic for that indoor air you breathe. We know that's important for you too.

But all this change is not coming without a treat for you first. Take 15% off all orders between now and the end of March on our website. Just use the code "STOCKUP" at checkout.