April Candle Subscription: April Showers

The April Showers have not been so bad this month. Granted, the beginning of the season was a little dreary, but it almost feels like May has come a wee bit early this year. (I'm a May baby, so I'm all about that aggressively beautiful Spring weather.)

DESPITE the fact that I love spring and flowers and now maybe even bicycle riding, rainy days are when I'm at my best, and I guarantee that I've shared that before. Sunny days always make me feel like I'm missing out on something when I'm working hard all day, but rainy ones put me right in my element - tea drinking, candle burning and madddd productivity while watching Pride and Prejudice all day long. This month's subscription is designed to bring out the best of your rainy days: an aloe + green tea soy candle (formerly Mellow Matcha for our long-time fans), and a little jar of loose jasmine green tea, one of our favorites. 

P.S. Why are we so late on updating this month's subscription? We've been setting up and settling into a new pop-up shop of course! Stop by Studio 14 at the Monroe Street Market Arts Walk for a Good Enough to Eat Pop-Up Shop! We're sharing Author, Artist and Illustrator Marcella Kriebel's beautiful, bright and happy studio space where you can shop her collection of Illustrated Feast prints, cards and her illustrated cookbook, Mi Comida Latina, as well as our all natural soy candles and beauty products. Everything is good enough to eat!