July Candle Subscription: Summer Energy

July is that part of Summer that's all like "Yes! We're in it now." This is Summer and it is time to Do It All. Barbecues, picnics, outdoor movies, trips to the zoo, bike rides, kayaking, vacationing, beach trips, road trips, long walks and everything else you can imagine. Let's soak it up before reality settles back in the Fall.

This month's Candle Subscription comes equipped with a scent that helps you do just that - our sweet orange bergamot. It stimulates the body and activates the soul. Let it guide you through your Summer warpath to experience everything.

July's Candle Subscription also comes with a pair of DC love matchbooks. Why? Because it's July. It's America. And the creative DC, Made in DC movement is so awesomely strong these days.

I like to think that things are even MORE American when they happen in DC. So American that it happens in capital. I love DC for it's diversity, it's culture and it's determination. This town gives me a lot of hope in these politically uncertain days and the good community feels is like an impenetrable hug. Check out #MadeinDC to meet more local businesses with good vibes.