September Candle Subscription: Fall Focus

I must start every candle subscription post like this, and for the sake of continuity, I'll keep doing it. HOW DID IT GET TO BE SEPTEMBER??!?!? There is SUCH a huge mental shift from August to September, even for me who is not currently on the school year schedule. August is relaxed, calm and vacation filled. Then suddenly, September hits and it's a huge wave of sadness for our Summer states of mind - no more cutting out early from work on Fridays; school busses are back on their routes; DC's traffic is going to get NASTY; and for me, September means fall markets, the looming holiday season and the final push through the end of the year. There's no more escaping to the beach on a Monday or taking my time with my upcoming projects. Fall demands routine, productivity and a return to our "normal."

I said to my husband yesterday, my year is basically planned and done. Now it's just a matter of living through it. I'll enjoy the crisp air, coffee on the front stoop without being eaten alive by mosquitos, and decorative gourd season, of course (Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday btw), but really what I'm looking most forward to is January 1. No more holidays to feel pressured to enjoy; no more markets to sell sell sell; no more obligations. January 1, 2017 is looking AMAZING from here. Every year I usually take the whole month off to recover from the Fall and holiday season and mentally, I'm way ready for it already.

Living in the NOW is something I've been trying to fully apply to my mentality, but I'm finding it hard to not stress about my schedule. There are definite places I have to BE and things to DO and bullets to check off my list. It's stressful and right now I just need to clear my mind and focus on today. That's what this month's (and season's!) candle subscriptions are all about. Finding clarity, finding focus and getting back into it with a smile.

September's Monthly Candle Subscribers will find a Sweet Spearmint soy candle in their deliveries for a Clear Mind alongside a little notepad for all your Dreams and Plans. It's filled with blank, handwriting and graph paper, because for me, I need all three to make my lists super efficient. Plus, it's fun that way.

Seasonal Candle Subscribers will also find a 1 oz spritzer bottle of our Happy Rose Water Spray. In addition to being *truly amazing* for your skin, this is also a nice little dose of happiness and presence. It's my favorite thing to use as an awakening treat and it's an instant mood boost. Seriously, try it. 


Mint helps provide clarity, focus and good energy. It's my work-from-home scent. In fact, I can smell it now and it's helping me power through this post.

For all you lovely subscribers, your little packages are on the way and I hope they also light up your homes with presence and help ease your ways happily back into routine.

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