January Candle Subscription: A Fresh Start

I know lots of people are tired of hearing about how 2016 was a terrible year because a lot of good did happen. A lot of cultural significance, artistic significance, and I know so many people who had incredible life-changing events occur throughout the year. I think the best way to look at 2016 is that it was an intense year. For me, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions, and at the end of it all, I was exhausted. That's why I love January. It's a time to hibernate; a time to reflect; a time to clear the slate for a fresh start and new journeys. 

Every year, I like to start out in full hibernation mode, surrounding myself with candles, tea, books and journals to keep me company. It's an important ritual of mine - to rest and recuperate after a long holiday season, to reflect on the year past, and to dream of the road ahead. This is my safe space. This is how I find clarity to see the way forward, which can be hard to do whilst you're caught up in the weeds of November holiday preparations. Sometimes a good hibernation can help seek out what is hiding deep within you - ideas, desires, strengths and all.

This month's candle subscription is designed to help you do the same. Our Sweet Spearmint soy candle is one of our favorites for clearing the mind. Mint helps stimulate thought and focus. This candle is a great morning companion whilst sipping on tea and reading a good book. 

This month's add-on, activated charcoal, is great for absorbing toxins, cleaning your teeth and also treating your skin. It's a magical cure-all, and my newest obsession and a personal must-pack on my journey to a more well state of being in 2017.

Tips for Use: Try mixing a bit of activated charcoal with rosewater & aloe vera for an easy detoxifying face mask. You can dab a bit onto your toothpaste to use as a teeth whitener. You can mix it into a glass of water to help cure nausea. Warning: this can get a little messy so we packaged it in a muslin pouch for ya. A little goes a long way!

But wellness isn't just about your body and mind. It's about your surroundings and environment too. 

About a year ago, my husband and I moved into a tinier apartment. We had to donate a lot of our precious treasures back to the thrift stores from whence they were first found. After the holidays, we purged again, going deeper than ever before into junk drawers and kitchen cabinets and being honest about how many picture frames we need to store in the closet. The end of a year / the start of a new one is a great time to evaluate everything that's in your life - and I do mean everything. The goal: to whittle it down to the basics of what we absolutely need, use and love. 

This week I checked out Simple Matters by Erin Boyle (the writer behind the Reading My Tea Leaves blog that I'm a big fan of) from the library to help me enjoy even more of this process. As a career hoarder, this year, I'm embarking on this new journey to create a happy and nourishing home, as well as a simpler one, to help create space for more life to creep in. It's my fresh start, a clear path forward. My mantra this year is Love it or Leave it and I intend to live by it in every way. Happy New Year, friends. Let's make it a great one. XOXO