October Candle Subscription: Gather for Warmth

Fall is officially here! It's that chilly, spooky, perfect sweater weather that we've been waiting a while for here in DC. 

As the weather cools off and the holidays approach, it starts to become what I like to call Gathering season. So many holidays, so many reasons to gather and celebrate, whether it's just to enjoy apple and pumpkin pies with great people, or celebrating big holidays, we tend to find ourselves in good company as the year comes to a close. This month's candle subscription is to get you in that state of mind, and coincidentally is scented to match all your gatherings.

This month, you'll find our signature holiday scent Gather, cinnamon orange clove, in your delivery. Cinnamon orange clove is a favorite holiday scent around here. It reminds me of Thanksgiving, which is my favorite of the fall holidays. Falling leaves, pies, orangey herby turkey and so much warmth, both from the stove and from the company.

Our candle is paired with a cinnamon orange clove loose tea which makes a great addition to pumpkin pie, or blended with black tea as a nice chai.

To Brew: take a tsp of the blend, and place in a tea strainer in 8 oz of hot water.

Option to add a black tea bag also to make a spicy, fruity chai. 

Accessorize with cream and sugar! 


Happy October, friends! Enjoy the beginnings of this Gathering season.

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