November Candle Subscription: Earth's Bounty

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November is my favorite time of year. I love the anticipation of the holidays, the feeling of giving thanks, and sharing warm moments with friends and family. It feels like the Earth is giving us so much, and it's time to really revel in all that the year has brought. 

That's why we chose our Bounty candle for this month's candle subscription. It's warm, it's Earthy, it puts us in the holiday mood. 

It's also paired with palo santos sticks, a natural holy wood to help cleanse your home before guests descend on your sanctuary. This scent is also great if your home (like mine) is lacking a big, wintery fireplace. 

Enjoy this season, friends! Share how you're enjoying your Handmade Habitat Candle Subscription on Instagram with us with #HHCandleSubscription.

P.S. Our candle subscription makes a great holiday or hostess gift!