December Candle Subscription: 'Tis the Season of Nostalgia


The holidays are just not complete without a bit of nostalgia. My favorite thing about the concept of the Christmas tree is the old ornaments that come back year after year, adding new ones to the collection, and how it marks the passage of time. I also love spending time with family, perusing through old photos, and laughing over the memories of all the things that were so monumental in the moment. 

The scent of this month's candle subscription will also help you reminisce this month. Our holiday Nostalgia scent is a blend of musky, deep amber and sweet vanilla, making for warm, cozy vibes this season. Amber is a substance that fascinates me. It is known for it's healing properties, and acts as a natural fossilizer, thus preserving time itself. And time, of course, is the healer of all wounds. 


This month, we've also sent out our latest letterpress card collaboration with Grey Moggie Press. We hand lettered this design to make a great go-to card to add to a gift, and to send for all occasions. Of course, this is the season of correspondence so we hope you get some good use out of it.


Happy holidays, friends! May your days be warm, joyous, and bright.