March Candle Subscription: Transitions

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Today had a little of both here in DC. Random wild windstorms interspersed with sunny warmth + Spring flowers already starting to bloom. March is a great time, and always filled with lots of birthdays in my family, at least. With the high winds, uncertainty with the weather, and anticipation of Spring, March is a time we definitely need a little more grounding in our lives. This month's lavender + vanilla soy candle is intended to do just that, and help clear the stale air from Winter to usher in a new spirit with Spring.

Your March candle subscription comes with a 9 oz lavender + vanilla soy candle and a bundle of dried sage + rose for burning all your Winter cares away.

Also great for grounding yourself this month is tea. Earl gray tea with cream, sugar and lavender buds, to be specific. It's my go-to this time of year. This blend is settling and energizing in all the right ways. I think tea is only done correctly when enjoyed in beautiful mugs. My pal Marina of Whim and Vigor Ceramics makes all our favorite ones in our home. The one above is just perfect for earl gray tea. And how much do you heart that spoon?


Happy almost Spring, friends! Remember, if you want to be part of the candle club, it's easy! Just subscribe here at any time. Your first delivery starts whenever you want it to, and you can subscribe for as long or as little as you like. Our seasonal Spring candle subscription package will go out to our seasonal subscribers in mid-March.