April Candle Subscription: Renew

April is one of my favorite months. Everything starts to bloom, and we get plenty of those warm rainy days that make me just want to curl up with a cup of tea, a good book and the warm glow of a relaxing candle. This month's candle subscription will help you get that feeling, too.

April's subscription box comes with an aloe and green tea candle and a little jar of matcha powder for you to craft your own trendy green tea lattes. This scent is renewing, but soothing. It's our top seller and my go-to for rainy days and Sundays. By now, you've probably heard all the benefits of green tea - that it's great for digestion, increases your metabolism and can give you younger, healthier looking skin, among many other benefits. President Obama was known for drinking green tea over coffee during his presidency, and spring feels like a perfect time to get our health game on track again.

My favorite way to enjoy matcha tea is an at home coconut milk latte. Simply mix 8 oz of warmed coconut milk with a teaspoon and a half of matcha powder. I use a hand mixer to blend it up along with a dash of honey. It's the perfect morning treat to sip on while tending to your indoor garden on a rainy day.