July Candle Subscription: Hey Hot Stuff

It is H-O-T this Summer! I keep checking the weather in hopes that we will have a low 80s, low humidity day here in DC but that is a rarity these days. I love the energy this time of year though - it's so high, so intense, so amplified. There's so much going on around us and so much sun to soak up. Orange Bergamot is one of my favorite scents for this time of year. Citrus is energizing, activating and strengthening. This is what you'll find in your Candle Subscription this month along with one of my favorite matchbooks.

What are you up to this Summer? I'm hoping for some beach escapes, lazy river lounging, enjoying Summer farmer's market produce and tending to all my succulents. Going three years strong with this little cactus this year! And it is loving the heat. Other plants that heart the sun: succulents, aloe and jasmine, all part of my indoor garden collection this year. Tune into our Instagram feed for some Summer fun! And tag us with your Summer adventures with #HandmadeHabitat #HHCandleSubscription and @handmadehabitat.