September Candle Subscription: Easing into Transition


Our September Candle Subscription hit the mail late last week and we're so excited to give our lovely Candle Subscribers the first peek at our new look! 


Our Signature candle collection got a sweet little redesign over the Summer. The jars are more minimalist, and translucent so the little flowers glow as the candle burns down. We've been dreaming of this for a long time and are so excited to finally have made it happen! 


This Summer we also got to work on this lovely little collaboration with Grey Moggie Press! We hand lettered a matchbook that they letterpress printed for us in their DC studio (just a floor below our studio in the warehouse we both call home) and we packaged them in house. 

Some of you know that in my spare time I also co-organize the Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring. We are a group of hand lettering enthusiasts that gathers once a month to hand letter in company. It started after my co-founder, Christy Batta, an amazing graphic designer that did all of our branding, and I went through the entire design process for Handmade Habitat and landed on a partially hand lettered logo almost exactly three years ago. We were talking about how much we both loved hand lettering and wanted to do more of it. I had dreams of incorporating my lettering on products even back then. So we agreed to meet up once a month around our neighborhood to hand letter together and invite anyone else who wanted to join us. That little commitment became the hand lettering society that has grown so much over the years! 

Long story short, I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to bring these two small changes to light this Summer. We'll have more product releases in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! 


September is a time of transition. Fall is coming. School has started. So many of us are settling into new routines for the coming months, us included! While we enjoy some of this perfect weather and the cool winds start swooping in, our aloe and green tea soy candle is a great soothing companion for the last light of Summer and first days of Fall.