January Candle Subscription: Fresh Beginnings

In my home, January is a time for reflection and dreaming. I spend a lot of time snuggled up with my pup Rosie, surrounded by blankets, pillows, journals, tea, and candles to keep me company. I love to take some time during hibernation season to live a little slower, reflect on the year past, and dream of all that could be in the year to come. 


This month's scent will help you accomplish that, too. Sweet Spearmint is a blend to clear and stimulate the brain. It's a great journaling companion to get your brain moving, or a perfect snow day work-from-home colleague to keep you motivated. It's looking like we'll all have a lot of those this season.


This month's delivery also comes with a trio of sweet spearmint tea light candles, as a little companion to dark evenings and cold days to help bring more light into your home.


Happy 2018, friends! Let's make it a good year.