May Candle Subscription: Time to Bloom


Well spring (not winter), spring (not summer) is finally here! It took a while but I'm happy that the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and it finally actually smells like spring outside. Like freshly mowed lawns and wisteria and pollen everywhere. It almost felt like we were never going to get an honest, true spring this year. It was either winter or summer for so long, but right now, in this moment, we have a warm spring accented by azaleas, allergies, and nice long walks around the neighborhood.

I've been waiting so long for this. Time to bloom. All winter I spend couped up inside, guarding myself against the elements. Spring is a time that I can finally let my hair down, take off my jacket, and embrace nature as it is. Because it embraces me with it's warmth and beauty. 

This month's Candle Subscription is here to help you bloom this season, too. Featuring our Bloom candle, a blend of geranium and lavender essential oils, this scent helps alleviate your anxiety and open your heart. Unfurl your petals and bloom, friends.

This candle is paired with a new little match bottle with colorful matches that we're testing out. Let us know what you think! We have a variety of different colors, so every subscriber gets a nice little surprise this month.

Enjoy the May flowers, friends! Let yourself bloom.