June Candle Subscription | Grow

June marks the start of summer where the greens grow wild and the bugs come out to play. This month I'm heading out for my first camping trip ever and I'm still getting used to the idea of this whole sleeping outside thing. I'm really excited to try it but terrified of being eaten alive by bugs. They've already gotten me a few times this year. 

This month's candle subscription is all about the scents + experiences of the outdoors. Find one of our Grow candles from our spring collection in this month's delivery along with an essential oil bug spray that should keep the nasty critters off of you without poisoning your own skin. 

I love the scents from our spring collection. Every time I think one of them is my favorite, a different one pops up to steal the spotlight. It's an ever-changing relationship between me and the three, but I'm just so happy that they all have their distinct purpose. Grow is one of those scents that energizes me. A blend of rosemary and peppermint, it's something I light to get motivated, to keep going, to feel light and airy in the warm months. DC summers can be so hot and humid, really not candle weather, but with the right scent, it can change everything and make even the stickiest of days feel cozy.