Weddings Galore for the Premiere Indie Bridal Party

One of the events that I'm most excited to participate in this year is today's

Indie Bridal Party

. It is basically a handmade, local awesomeness bridal show for cool brides. I'm one of many vendors exhibiting so if you don't already have tickets yet,

you definitely gotta get some

! It's happy hour style with drinks, live music, a photobooth and tons of more fun- a perfect way to unwind on a Thursday while simultaneously being productive and knocking some wedding planning out of the way.

I've been pushing myself to start expanding all the wedding wonderfulness that I have to offer, and I'm really excited for a few new product lines and pricing structures just for weddings. You can come see it all in person at Indie Bridal Party, and wait for it to appear later on Etsy. Maybe Friday I'll list 'em during a Mindy Project Hulu marathon.

Okay okay, no more spoilers! But

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for live 'gramming during the event and see what awesome little matches people can get FO FREE from me just by coming to IBP, saying hi and signing up for my mailing list.