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Cocktails and Craft Workshop: Paper Flowers & Omaha Sours

We're teaming up with our friends at Cocktails and Craft for another paper flower workshop! Come hang on Wednesday, March 15 and craft a Spring paper flower wreath or bouquet! 


Let's get into the Spring spirit with flowers! In this workshop you'll learn how to make a bouquet of paper flowers and enjoy an Omaha Sour cocktail. The great thing about paper flowers is that they stay as vibrant and happy as the day you made them, all season long. Never had an Omaha sour? It's a refreshing lemon, bourbon cocktail we're sure will put a spring in your step.

If you're into cocktails, crafting, or just want to get back in touch with your creativity, this workshop is for you!

Workshop fee covers all materials and your first drink.

Cocktails and Craft is committed to creativity, community and culture. Email us if you are interested in a work-exchange scholarship.

Colony Club

3118 Georgia Ave NW • Washington, DC