Our Habitat: Fall Winter 2016

Gathering • Nesting • Settling In • That's how we're living these days. Admiring the last few flowers of the year before we hibernate.

We are proud to present Our Habitat: limited edition seasonal collections of our favorite scents, alongside additional homey pieces by some of our favorite makers. Together, we're here to create a more rested, crafted, earnest life.

Ed. 01: Koselig

Hunker down, cozy up, celebrate the year, indulge in the moment. That's how we're living this season. This inaugural edition of Our Habitat features some of our favorite homey goods, which also happen to be some of our go-to gifts this time of year, all sustainably made by some of our favorite people.



a Norweigan term for: coziness • togetherness

You know, the best part of the holidays


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Cook: Banana Pancakes

Listen: The Heart Speaks in Whispers

Visit: a Perpetual Winter Rainforest

Make: Fall Dreamcatcher


Shop Edition 01


After years of being in this small creative business world, we have met tons of artists, makers and soulful designers and have brought tons of their work home with us, into our own little handmade habitat. We truly believe that as a community, as a society, as a world, we are so much better together. And we should support all the local / creative / sustainable goodness with more than just hashtags and love. We have to put our money where our mouths are. So in this spirit, we’ve gathered some of our favorite local / sustainable / creative goods here, available for purchase through our website for a limited time. Meet more makers in your community; live less passively and more intentionally. Let’s create a better life together. Here’s how we are living these days in Our Habitat.

Meet the Makers