Our Philosophy

Handmade Habitat is an all natural soy candle and beauty goods company to nurture and inspire the soul.

Inspired by nature and rooted in mindfulness, our work is consciously hand crafted to be healthy for the body, home and Mother Earth.

Artist and chandler Amina Ahmad grew up in the rolling hills and bushy woods of the less glamorous parts of Maryland. After beginning her studies in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Maryland, she soon discovered the toxic effects that candles can have on the environment, home, and ultimately, body.

As a lifelong DIYer, she started making her own eco-friendly soy candles in her college apartment. By using only natural materials, her candle creations would purely and non-toxically illuminate the home, uplift the spirit, and inspire the soul.

Amina also dabbles in hand lettering, creative consulting and is a low-key yogi.

The world is chaotic but interconnected. The choices we make every day have consequences, and home is center for our worlds. This is the philosophy we bring to our work.

We aim to bring a sense of calm and direction to our multifaceted lives. Centering and grounding at home so we can venture out into the busy, chaos of life ready to face it head on and become inspired by the miracles of everyday life.