MONTHLY Candle Subscription Service

MONTHLY Candle Subscription Service

from 30.00

Get Handmade Habitat candles delivered right to your door! Our monthly Candle Subscription Service is a surprise package filled with beautiful all natural, vegan soy candles and special treats that you can only get from Handmade Habitat. 

Multi-month packages start at just $25 a month, including shipping.

Send to a friend! This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

This service is only available to US customers. 

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Subscription Lengths: 3 Months • 6 Months • 1 Year • Current Month

CURRENT MONTH: Since many of the goodies you'll find in our Candle Subscription service are made just for subscribers, we added this option for non-subscribers to jump in on the fun. Receive just the current month's package to get in the present month's mood.

Start your subscription immediately after ordering OR at the start of another month. Monthly candle subscriptions ship out during the first 5 business days of the new month.

Each month's delivery is a surprise with a special seasonal theme. The package will contain an 8 or 9 ounce candle from either our Signature candle collection or current Seasonal candle collections along with a little something to go with it. Sometimes it's a pair of matchbooks, sometimes it's a little tin of tea. Whatever it is, it's always perfect for the season. 

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You'll also receive a little email newsletter about the month's package.

See the story behind each month's package on the blog: