Three Month Candle Subscription Service

Three Month Candle Subscription Service

30.00 every month for 3 months

Get Handmade Habitat candles delivered right to your door! Our monthly candle subscription is a surprise package filled with our beautiful all natural, vegan soy candles and special treats for the season. 

Send to a friend! This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

This service is only available to US customers. 

This subscription is for three months in length and automatically renews on the same day each month at the monthly billing price. You can log into your account and unsubscribe at any time.



Subscription Details

Subscription Length: This subscription lasts for three months, but you can end it at any time before the time is up. Just log into your customer account and cancel at any time.

Starting Month: Your subscription will start immediately after ordering with the current month's package unless there is a specific date you would like your subscription to be delivered on. If so, you may indicate so when ordering. We will ship your box to arrive on or slightly before that date. We recommend ordering within two weeks of when you would like your subscription to start! If your order is placed within the last five business days of any month, we will ship the next month’s delivery. For example, if you place your order on January 25, 2019, we will send February’s box on February 1, 2019. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Each subsequent months’ box will ship within five business days of your billing renewal.

Delivery Contains: Each month's box contains a candle from either our Signature or Seasonal candle lines, plus a little something extra like natural incense, a greeting card, or a sample of one of our bath salts. Whatever it is, it'll be perfect for the month.

Handmade Habitat all natural soy wax candles and beauty goods are consciously crafted to be healthy for the body, home and Mother Earth. 

Our candles are made with US-produced soy wax, scented with a combination of essential oils and certified all natural botanical fragrance oils, and embedded with a braided wick of cotton and recycled paper to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home.

For the best burn, trim your wicks to ¼” before each lighting. Burn your candles for three hours at a time, or at least until the entire surface of the candle has evenly melted down.

Our beauty goods are made with natural salts, oils, botanicals, and fragrances to enhance your natural glow.

Read more about our practices here.