New Stockist: nomad yard collectiv

nomad yard collectiv. I don't think a better name could have been found for this amazing, bohemian, worldly space in the Union Market neighborhood of Northeast DC. Featuring local partners selling everything vintage and boho (and I mean EVERYTHING - furnish your fucking life here), and so expertly curated by the two most fabulous female entrepreneurs around - you'll find items from all over the world: home textiles, vintage clothing, enormous plants, smart reads, giant glasses, some (ahem!) *soy candles and so much more. I guarantee that you will get lost in the amazingness of this space and possibly partially entranced by Desirée and Tara that both look like they were just born out of these vintage, wanderlust walls. And that they could kick your ass - for sure.

I moved in some of my inventory today to their new home and barely could leave myself. I could live there - no question. Between the clothes, the jewelry, the candles, the rugs, the textiles and the everything else, the only thing missing was my pup - and maybe my huzzbend but it's not so much his vibe. He's more of a less vintage, more Trohv kind of guy.

Put on your best vintage scarf and head on over to nomad yard collectiv. Housed in Districtologie in the Union Arts building. Street level. 411 NY Ave NE DC

See you for their opening party Friday- October 31. Don't be spooked.