Jane in June

Everyone might be tired of me using this photo but it is still my favorite, and according to my local public libraries, we should all be reading and watching everything Jane Austen in June

I do this most of the time. When I work (especially on a cloudy day) I usually have some version of Pride and Prejudice on in the background. When I go to bed, if I'm not rereading Harry Potter, I'm rereading Pride and Prejudice. This is my life and it has officially been validated by the government. This is healthy. This is good. This is how to live, friends. 

My mom likes to take all the credit for my raving success as a literary candle maker. She used to make us sit through Pride and Prejudice marathons on snow days when we were little. Hours and hours of British accents and Lydia shaming has resulted in my current career path. Who woulda thought? 

Our pomegranate candles are covered in the pages of Pride and Prejudice. They aren't just named after those books; they come with actual pages of used books covering the edges. Each candle is different according to what pages are on it. No two are identical. For true Austen fans, this is the ultimate quest at markets - to find the candle with the perfect page combination. That's how I am too. ;)