Shine Your Light & Hibernation Essentials

The New Year is a mystical time to me. It's a time that we get a sort of magical do-over button. A time to start fresh; a time to set all kinds of goals for what we want in life; and a time to leave all we don't want behind us.

Sometimes I think this can be really destructive. Sometimes I think this makes us a little negative in our thinking that what we have isn't enough. But I also know the New Year gives us a chance to shine our best light; to put our best effort forward before all the bad habits that magically didn't disappear on Jan 01 rear their ugly heads and prevent progress. The real challenge is keeping them at bay so we can continue upward; growing toward the sun. 

This year, my goal is to make more time for me and for others. To rest and rejuvenate. For self-care and good vibes. So far, I've been enjoying my Winter Hibernation sleeping in late and drinking three-plus cups of tea per day. Clearing my Mind and cozying up under blankets and being surrounded by candles. Slapping on Savasana balm and napping the afternoon away with my pup. Hibernation is the perfect way to start a year filled with ideas & ambitions. Rest is essential to keeping ourselves afloat. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. To grow yourself, you have to have a rested and ready center. Enjoy the hibernation, friends. We all deserve it.