WARMTH, Our Fall / Holiday Collection


Fall. The holidays. The foliage is underrated. Dahlias, dried flowers, mums, all my favorites. And then there's the holidays. Berries, pine, greenery, ah! I'm really looking forward to that.


This is the busiest time of year in the biz for us. It can be chaotic, overwhelming and involve more than a few late nights, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's hard to remember that not everyone is as lucky to create their every day, even when the stress is to the max. This holiday season, we're trying to remember that more. To give back. To spread light. 

This season, a portion of our holiday collection sales will go to Friendship Place, a DC nonprofit organization specializing in alleviating homelessness and rebuilding lives in the District and beyond. Because everyone should have a place to call home.

Get to know our festive scents below, reminiscent of all the savory, earthy, sweet goodness that this time of year gives us.

Smells Like Fall



Gather, our cinnamon orange clove scented candle, is reminiscent of all your favorite holiday foods and a perfect hostess gift this Thanksgiving. Our most popular scent! 



Bounty is a scent that surely will transport you to a log cabin hidden in the snow-capped mountains. A blend of pine and wildberry, this is our favorite scent not just for the holidays, but for all of hibernation season. 



Nostalgia is a scent you know. Amber and vanilla blend together to create a distinct scent of the past. The holidays are all about traditions, and reminiscing about holidays past. This scent will help you get there.

Now available in our shop.