Meet My Mom.

Meet my mom. I've known my mom for almost 27 years now and I can say with confidence that she is pretty awesome. My mom loves traveling around the world, gardening in her yard, hiking in the woods, learning about art history, DIYing anything and everything, and seeing rockets shoot off into space. (She works at NASA as a program manager and electrical engineer, so that's like normal I guess.) Growing up, my mom set a pretty high standard and alternative definition for what it means to be a woman and a mom. Most of the moms in our neighborhood were stay-at-home-moms that were classroom volunteers and all those other typical suburban mom things. Not her though. She's spent the last 27 years kicking ass at work (literally sending rockets and satellites into space), raising kids and supporting the wildly alternative paths that we have chosen despite probably not understanding most of the jargon that comes out of our artsy mouths. She once told me she thought she was going to have three little responsible, stably employed government employees, but so far she's only one for three. The rest of us are doing fine though. ;) 

Growing up we were not allowed to be cheerleaders or girl scouts, (which back then it was all I wanted, but now I'm overly grateful it never happened) and instead she encouraged us to read, get lost in the woods, and make all the things (we sewed doll clothes, made elaborate forts, dis and reassembled our bikes, and did all the art and anything else you can imagine). Mom unintentionally set me out on the path that I've found as a creative entrepreneur, and she's my go-to resource for all DIY questions from building product displays to changing light switches. She taught me everything from how to balance spreadsheets and navigate Home Depot to how to cook. The only thing she didn't teach me was how to make candles, but the first time I made them was in her kitchen. 

My mom has spent decades of her life giving everything she could to me and my siblings. Mother's Day is our feeble attempt to give back and say thanks. So to my mom and all the other amazing moms out there (and there are so so so so so many), Happy Mother's Day. You all literally make the world go round. 


Our Mother's Day Gift Set

A practical kraft box filled with a candle in one of our two signature Spring scents, a happy rose water spray and a pair of hey hot mama matches makes the perfect gift for mom this Mother's Day. Place your order by Wednesday, May 10 to ensure delivery by Mother's Day! 


Self Care / Mom Care Treats

Our go-to gifts for mom: aromatherapy eye pillows, floral scents and a recipe for her me-time.