Holiday Gift Guide | for your best scented life

Hello holiday season! It’s officially happening! I always love gifting fun, useful presents every year. Things that might be a little indulgent, but at their core- helpful. This year we have put together a gift guide in that same sentiment. To help you and everyone on your list live their best scented lives in 2019 and beyond.

Our candles and beauty goods are all natural and eco-friendly. What does this mean? Because we craft our goods with pure, natural ingredients, essential oils, and all natural botanical fragrances, they retain their aromatherapy benefits. Our candles don’t just make your house smell nice, they also help you live your best life. So this year, whether you are shopping for someone who needs something nourishing, relaxing, energizing, or grounding, we have it, and our gift guide is perfect for helping everyone live their best scented lives.

For the Romantic

To open the heart and nourish the body. Goods to keep your heart full.

For the homebody

Why leave home ever? Scents to keep your days mellow, and your baths warm.

For the friend that stays busy

The gift of rest, the gift of energy. They need definitely need both, right?

For the Holiday Baker

Warm cinnamon, pungent orange, spicy clove. For the heart of the holiday baking, even when nothing’s in the oven.

For the lover of the great outdoors

Winter hikes are so charming. Snow on the ground, a cabin in the woods, cozy fires. That’s what these gifts are all about.

For the lover of all things old fashioned

For times past, holidays old, and nostalgic souls.

Good as Gold

Gifts you can never go wrong with: our bestsellers