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Earlier this year I got invited to participate in an awesome project - a revamp of the Steadfast Supply storefront featuring six different brands within it's walls. I showed up on a nearly snowy sprinter Saturday with a basket of candles and one of the two shirts you will see publicly see me in. After lots of smiling and candle gazing, you can find the end product on the front of Steadfast's windows in Yards Park!


DC is a small city, and in the eight years that I've been hustling around this town, it's awesome to see other creatives take their visions to the next level. The team behind Steadfast, led by Virginia Arrisueno, started as independent artists / designers / makers, ran community craft markets, put on awesome art events around the city, and now run this store which is home to a hundred local and emerging brands, plus serves as a community incubator, and is one of the home bases of creative culture around this city. 

I also got to take over their Instagram feed a few weeks ago sharing a day in the life. See the brand feature here on the SF blog & scroll thru the feed on the SF Instagram.

At the Steadfast One Year Party with Ebise of Mare Naturals

At the Steadfast One Year Party with Ebise of Mare Naturals

IMG_1162 2.jpg

Stop by the shop Wed-Sun to shop local, take a workshop, sample locally produced goods, and engage in some local community. I'm looking forward to collaborating with them more this year! Stay tuned, friends.