Hello Summer

"It's a hundred and twenty degrees out with two hundred percent humidity because this is a stupid swamp town." - Leslie Knope never spoke more truth. 

That's DC in the summer, but especially this summer. This heat wave has brought some real reality checks for myself. Like a- give up on running this summer. It's not gonna happen. Maybe look into barre classes instead. Or b- as much as you don't like AC, it is a necessity. And then there's c- take this time to enjoy yourself because after the season passes, you won't get it back.

Things slow down in the summer for us, mostly because our candles melt if we do outdoor events. I am happy to be taking a bit of a self care break from the studio for the month of July diving back into my watercolors, onto my yoga mat, and getting lost in gardens near and far. It's time to reset my body and soul while nature is at it's max, and before the rush of the fall and holiday seasons. As soon as September hits, it's a full sprint to the end of the calendar year, so please forgive me for taking it slow right now.

While I'm melting into my creative side, we're running a big Summer Sale this July! Save 20% on online retail orders with the code "HIJULY". Just enter it at check-out to reap all the rewards. Orders will ship out about once a week during this time, and I'll be on email if you need to check in regarding one of them or anything else! Feel free to reach out and say hi. 

Above, our summer mood board. While this season brings nothing but animated energy, full flavors, and big blooms, I'm stepping myself consciously back to a more observant, present, and meditative state to be able to fully enjoy it all, to be able to take it in. I hope you can too, and also keep cool while doing so.

Below, our favorite summer scents to get us through the hot nights.

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Fine Print: July sale applies to retail orders only. While our wholesale portal is still open this month, we will be pausing all wholesale orders until August. Coupon code cannot be applied to past orders, and expires on July 31, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

I am looking forward to releasing some design updates, our holiday collection, and a few new things once we return from our break. Stay on the lookout, friends! And if there's something you love right now (especially our yogi collection), grab it now before the redesign launches later this summer.



Summer Scents


The scent to keep you going, and to cool you off. Our sweet spearmint is a sweet ice cold mint that almost chills the air as it burns. A companion to my mornings answering emails over coffee to wake me up. Rosemary Mint is a favorite for the afternoons. Mellow enough to let you slow down, but energizing enough to keep you awake, it's a perfect duality for lazy sunny afternoons. 


Orange Bergamot

Citrus blends with spice for an aromatic blend to energize the body. An evening companion to my yoga practice after a long day, and a perfect roll-on perfume for Saturday mornings. 


Aloe and Green Tea

Soothing and mellow, like a cup of tea. This is our go-to everyday scent. It's a perfect way to say to yourself, "I'm home."



Cooling and relaxing, the perfect way to take the edge off on a hot Sunday afternoon.