A little new look

Running a creative business is one of the best things that life ever gave me after my husband and dog and family, of course. I love the creative freedom of making whatever I want for you, and the joy of working with my hands every day. Of course when you start out creating a product, you never think about hey, what if I sell a million of these in a week? How will my process be impacted by that? While we're not selling a million candles a week, things have definitely scaled up over the years, which has been both an enormous blessing, and a curse on my little hands. This summer I set out to update the look of our lines and simplify the packaging to make things run a little smoother. Sadly, we said good-bye to a few things I loved, namely the yogi candle toppers, and our mantra quotes, but I'm so happy with our more minimal look, and am excited to share it with you today. Read on about the updates we've made to each collection, and you can shop it all on the site now.


Our Mantra Soy Candle Collection

These candles are our staple, our bread and butter, and the tall gentle ease makes them such an easy piece to store on shelves at home or at the yoga studio. This summer we simplified the front facing label, removed the hang tag, and had new dustcovers (that little paper circle that sits on the top of your candle to keep dust off of it before it makes it home to you) printed up with key elements from our logo. I'm happy with it's new sleek look and for our retailers, really happy that the hang tags won't get bent and twisted up before it makes it home to your customers.


Our Yogi Soy Candle Collection

Our double-wicked yogi tumblers got the biggest makeover this summer. They now reflect more of the look of our Signature collection with a transparent label, our favorite crossed flowers, and a yoga pose to get into with each scent. We removed the paper toppers but kept their design on their new dustcovers that sit right on top making packaging these babies up a lot faster and make it easier for shoppers to smell before they buy.


Our Roll On Perfumes

Another big update came to our roll on perfumes. We simplified the labels to give them more of a refined look, while also adding a box to the mix. Still priced the same, these are now easier to store on shop shelves, and make a really great and easy gift for natural perfume enthusiasts in your life.


Our Bath Salt Collection

The smallest change we made was to our bath salts collection. We made a wraparound label that helps keep everything aligned, and we're so happy with how these sit on your vanity or by your tub.

Match Bottles

Finally, after some trial and error and difficulty with sourcing, we've revamped our mini match bottles! They are now available in eight different colors with a strike-on strip for easy lighting. They are the cutest little companions on boutique shelves and help make just the perfect selfie. These are now available for wholesale! 


All of these changes would not have been possible without the team of ladies that help me out and deal with my nit-pickiness - Christy Batta, an uber-talented graphic designer, and Emma McAlary who works the magic behind the camera.