Retailer Spotlight | REWILD

It’s no secret that in my fantasy world, I’m a florist or a botanist, or a flower artist of some sort. Right now, I dabble in arranging flowers for fun and obsess over spaces like one of our newest retailers, REWILD DC. REWILD is new to DC and run by an awesome team including one of my favorite DC flower girls, Lily Cox. While Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (how the hell did that happen?!), I thought it would be fun to highlight one of DC’s brightest flower + plant shops around. Plus they do drawing nights, plant workshops, and have a standing terarium bar where you can get all soiled up.


1- Who are all of you guys and what do you all do at REWILD?

I am Lily, I'm the visual and conceptual designer of REWILD as well as the head florist.  We each wear a number of hats so it's tricky trying to sum up what any of us do in as much as a title!

2- How did you come to start this shop?

Joe and Kyle started this discussion with me last spring that has essentially snowballed into REWILD.   


3- For me, plants make me feel safe and happy. Is that something that is definitely universal? Basically, why are plants so great for us?

Surrounding yourself with nature is an expression of self care, and it's especially gratifying to care for our plants, watching how they change and grow.  


4- Help a plant hoarder out- what is the easiest plant to have at home? What's the best plant to gift? What's the best low-maintenance plant? And if I wanted to show off my plant mama skills, what's a plant to flex with?

I am a big fan of philodendrons, and they're particularly good at telling us what they need from us-- a dull or drooping leaf means it's thirsty, they get leggy if they need light, leaves will get a little crispy if they're getting burned by the sun.  And yet, they're spectacularly resilient and will come back from just about any circumstances.  I personally love to gift people with plants that I've propagated from any of my own favorite plants, the Begonia Lucerna being my favorite one.   And my favorite way to show off a plant is by creating a Kokedama out of it- they're remarkably easy to create and care for, depending on which plant you choose, and they're always a point of intrigue in the home.  

5- What do you guys have coming up?

I'm very excited about the our curated 'rewilded' gift bags- we got our hands on these incredible moroccan woven market bags, and we'll be filling them up with all kinds of botanical goodies.  

6- What's your favorite scent in the shop and at home? 

It might be kind of strange, but I love the smell of fresh soil.  That's such a happy, energizing smell to me.  I also find certain flowering plants like jasmine and gardenia to be absolutely intoxicating.  

Thanks so much to REWILD for sharing! Check out their shop in the Shaw neighborhood of DC - you can’t miss the colors and plants!


1924 8th St NW | Suite 100 | Washington, DC