Spring Awakening

Dear Spring,

You are the most anticipated season. You are all I think about when we are far apart during the doldrums of winter. All that time, I dreamt of your bright blossoms and long vines, your long days and warm hearts, and all the possibility you give us.

While you slowly awaken over the next few months, take me with you. I need to stretch my legs, reevaluate where I’m at and where I want to go this season. I want to live the most, bloom the fullest, take long walks in your glory, and never forgot to stop and smell all the flowers around us.

Spring, you inspire me so much. And I’m so happy that we’re back together again.

With gratitude, Amina


Every collection starts somewhere, and our spring collection started above. With a few line drawings. Doodles you could find anywhere in any sketchbook of mine from the past 10 years, but most loved here. Our spring collection is inspired by my favorite things- the change of the season. Spring starts out slow, and bursts into motion. It’s a beautiful, unique season, the most giving and one of the most bountiful. Our spring line is back to help you explore spring sentiments, scented to help you sprout, grow, and bloom this season. Hand poured in small batches with 100% pure essential oils, all natural American made and produced soy wax, and embedded with cotton and recycled paper braided wicks primed with vegetable wax, these are our most sustainable and natural candles yet.



Root down to rise up. A grounding, earthy scent that will help you find a foundation from which to grow. Scented with cedarwood and petitgrain, it inspires growth, or a sprouting out of winter hibernation. Shop Sprout



Energize. Find momentum. Keep going, keep growing. This blend of rosemary and mint will help you focus, keep going, and take you to new heights. Shop Grow



Relax, open your heart, flourish. This floral blend of lavender and geranium will help ease tension and anxiety so you can let go, inspire passions and bloom. Shop Bloom


I once had a dream where I was floating down a river, in a world that was composed solely of babys breath. It was the most peaceful I have ever felt in a dream with baby’s breath surrounding me, and since then, it has become my true happy place. I never saw this flower as anything more than boring, cheap filler that was there to compliment real blossoms. But these days, they are all I live for. The light fluff, the drama in company, the light and airiness that I cannot get enough of.

Happy Spring, friends.

Our spring line gives a portion of sales to Washington Youth Garden, a nonprofit garden education center at the National Arboretum teaching kids about environmentalism and wellness through the garden cycle.