29 Wishes


I’m fresh off a new haircut. My birthday is tomorrow (5/17), and I’m reflecting on what is to be the last year of my 20’s, and nine full years of making and selling things.

I come from engineering stock so numbers are emotions in my family. 9 feels so final. 29 feels like a finale.

When I started this business, I was playing a game - will people buy things (2010)? Can selling my work support my crafting hobbies / addictions (2011)? Can this business pay part of my rent (2012)? Can this business be my full time job (2015)?

Sometimes it feels like this is something I’ve stumbled into, but it was always a dream. A far out one though. Who sells at craft shows for their full time job? What degree gets you that in college? I graduated with an environmental science and policy degree in the middle of the recession, and have been stumbling forward ever since.

I keep wondering where will we go? How much can we grow? How much do I want to grow? What is it that I want to do with my life as I exit my 20s where stumbling and figuring things out is part of existence? How long will I do this? Forever?

And today, I have no answers. The road ahead of us has no map. We’re taking it one step at a time and that feels exciting. I’ll be taking some time off over the next few weeks to do some deep thinking and self care-ing. All I know right now is that I’m doing the max that I can, and we need help. Your help. We are hiring a part-time studio assistant (with much room to grow), and looking for some digital lifestyle ambassadors to help spread our light. Get the info here.

And 5/17 only, take 29% off your online order with the code “29WISHES”. Because I love birthday coupons. Only valid through 5/17/19 at 11:59 EST, and not on wholesale orders, past orders, our garden line, or already on-sale items.

I love you, candle fam. And I am excited to see where we grow.

LifeAmina Ahmadsale