Breakfast with Audrey

In honor of this amazing woman's birthday (she would have been 85 yesterday! Really puts it into perspective how old my grandfather is, who is 86), I'm imagining a breakfast with Audrey which would definitely include Leslie Knope approved pancakes, pound cakes, fruit and cream.

Something about her, particularly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, exudes the essence of everything I've wanted my fruit blossom candle to convey the mood of - spunky, full of life, and spring-like. Maybe that's because we hardly ever see any pictures of Audrey as an older woman- just the young beautiful woman she was in the 60s. Or maybe it's because she's feminine but can still pack a punch and photos of her are full of emotion. With a dab of citrus, fruit blossom is sure to give you a wake-up call.

Happy May + a vintage version of the beautiful, spring fruit blossom.

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