Our Scents

Each of our candles is scented to evoke different sentiments and states of mind. Let us help you find direction.

Sharp & Energizing Scents

Scents to wake you up, and focus your energy


Orange Bergamot

Citrus scents stimulate the mind and energize the soul. This scent will awaken your inner Warrior with power and purpose.

Sweet Spearmint

Sharp and sweet. This scent is blended with peppermint, spearmint and vanilla for great clarity and focus.


Mellow Vibes

Stay mellow, easy, balanced and even a little romantic with these scents

Geranium Rose

Romantic, soothing, feminine energy. We love this scent for bedrooms, boudoirs, bathrooms and all your special places.

Lotus Blossom

Floral and musky; uplifting and grounding. This lotus blossom scent is the perfect balance for good energy and harmony.

Aloe + Green Tea

The most mellow scent we offer, it smells like sweet ease and softness. It's our one of our top sellers and our Sunday scent.

Calm & Peaceful

Rest, restore, and even clear your headaches with these relaxing scents.


Lavender Vanilla

Uplifting and clean. A softer and more soothing everyday lavender. A perfect scent to help free the breath and let your cares go.

Lavender Eucalyptus

The most peaceful scent around. Blended together, these essential oils will take you right out of your worries and into Savasana.