Ceramic Holiday Candle Collaboration with Whim & Vigor Ceramics

If there was one handmade category that I love but cannot for the life of me succeed at when attempting it myself - it is ceramics. I love ceramics. I'm addicted to ceramics. I constantly fill my house with new jars, mugs, cups and ring dishes- most of them handmade by my friend Marina of Whim and Vigor Ceramics.

I tried ceramics for a bit in high school and even though I liked it a lot, I definitely was no Marina. Her work speaks to me - it's dainty, spunky and in the calmest colors of all time. I have a lot of her work in my apartment and now am so lucky to have a few candles for sale in my shop contained in little tumblers that she made. 

I did this batch in the scents of the season because something about ceramics just says coziness to me. These tumbler candles with the red leaves are filled with my gather scent - cinnamon orange clove. And the mint green versions below are filled with my relax scent - lavender + eucalyptus. The little green leaves have already sold out, but the mint green ones are still available in the shop (for now!).

The ones I have left will also be for sale at the Fenton Street Market holiday market this Saturday, December 20. Come check them out!