Women's HERstory Month

Happy International Women's Day! Unlike National Fries Day or National Donut Day, this day is kind of nice, not overly indulgent holiday and gives me a little pep in my step.

I've always considered myself to be a feminist but since exiting college and into the female-dominated craft world, I find myself especially surrounded by a world of strong independent ladies that can do it all. From home renovations to hat construction, they can help you with everything: how to maneuver tricky business scenarios or rescue you at a craft show when you're about to faint.

This crafty group of ladies has been so inspiring to be around and they all lead such diverse lives. I started watching that show Unbreakable this weekend and love the line Kimmy says "Women can do everything these days." (In the show, she has just emerged from an underground cult where for the past 10 years they were told the world and life itself had ended.) It is very true.

So to celebrate some of my favorite jaw busting female role models, you can find them here: Stitch & Rivet / Analog / Fenton Street Market / Little Peeps Emporium / Whim and Vigor / Azur Soleil Organics / Hooked and Loopy / Juanita's Adventures / littlegreenthingsmaré naturals / Fast Snail / Panda Head /  Creative Colony & so so many more.

Enjoy the day ladies.